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      Safety and Security, Destination competitiveness, Tourist Circuit [1]
      School measures, principals, teachers control, attrition [1]
      school organization; academic performance; learning environment; parents; students [1]
      School Self-evaluation; School Improvement; Classroom Observation; Clinical Supervision [1]
      School Self-evaluation; School Improvement; Classroom Observation; Clinical Supervision. [1]
      Science Epistemological Beliefs, Ethnicity, Gender, Co-Educational Secondary Schools [1]
      Science epistemological beliefs; grade level; ; science achievement; co-educational; secondary schools [1]
      Securidaca longipedunculata; phytochemicals; Neisseria gonorrhoeae. [1]
      Semiotic, Images, Visual, Gender, Identities [1]
      Seropositive Women, Dual Contraception, Dual Contraception Preference, Unplanned Pregnancy, HIV Infections [1]
      Serum ferritin, haemoglobin, plasmodium falciparum malaria, preschool children [2]
      Service-oriented Architecture, Data Mining, Climate-smart Agriculture, Artificial Neural Network, Web Services [1]
      skill acquisition, leadership, policy, Academic Achievement, Education and secondary Schools. [1]
      slump; compacting factor; density; water absorption; sorptivity; durability; compressive strength; tensile splitting strength; volumes of permeable void spaces [1]
      SNP Markers, Additive, Dominance, Heritability, Low P, Maize, QTLs [1]
      Social constraints, contraceptive, utilization [1]
      Social Development, Unguja Island, Education, Non-Governmental organisations [1]
      sorghum, covered kernel smut, incidence, severity [1]
      Sorghum; acid soils; response; farmyard manure; nitrogen; phosphorus fertilizers [1]
      South African press, representation, text, Zimbabwe [1]