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      Access, Free Primary Education, Policy, Gender, Rongo Sub-county. [1]
      Adult plant resistance, genotypic stability, seedling resistance, Ug99 [2]
      Age, education level, tourism education, choice. [1]
      Aluminum sulfate, antibacterial activity, Moringa oleifera, water harvesting, water purification. [2]
      Anaemia, Preschool Children, Malaria, Nutritional Status [2]
      Annona muricata; Abelmoschus esculentus; antiproliferative; phytochemical [1]
      Annona muricata; Abelmoschus esculentus; antiproliferative; phytochemical. [1]
      Anopheles gambiae, Phytolacca dodecandra, Azadirachta indica, Deltamethrin, Ethanol [1]
      Anopheles gambiae; Larvae; Phytolacca dodecandra; Neem; Deltamethrin [1]
      Anti-proliferation; cytotoxicity; phytochemical; Moringa oleifera; Indigofera arrecta. [1]
      Azadirachta indica, Lantana camara, Oxalis cornulata, Tagetes patula, Tephrosia vogelii, Nitrogen Dynamics, Weed Population [1]
      Barriers, Delivery practices, Home delivery, Perceptions. [2]
      Bioindicators, bioassessment, metrics, water quality, habitat integrity. [1]
      Calypso, Style, Meaning, Vision, Literary Sketch [1]
      Cancer, Outpatients, Malnutrition, Subjective global assessment Kenya [1]
      cassava, cassava brown streak disease, root necrosis, yield loss [2]
      Cassava, CBSD, incidence, root necrosis, yield loss. [3]
      Cassava, CBSD, root necrosis, yield loss [1]
      Cognitive models, EkeGusii, HIV and AIDS, interpretation, mental representation. [1]
      cold-mixes; emulsion asphalts; reclaimed asphalt; recycled materials; bitumen-emulsion; indirect tensile strength; tensile strength ratio [1]