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      Calypso, Style, Meaning, Vision, Literary Sketch [1]
      Cancer, medicinal plants, Asteraceae, adaptogens, abagusii, Kenya [1]
      Cancer, Outpatients, Malnutrition, Subjective global assessment Kenya [1]
      Carcass, Fermentation, Mature Prosopis juliflora Pods, Grower Rabbits, Sensory Evaluation [1]
      Cassava value addition, gender participation [1]
      cassava, cassava brown streak disease, root necrosis, yield loss [2]
      Cassava, CBSD, incidence, root necrosis, yield loss. [3]
      Cassava, CBSD, root necrosis, yield loss [1]
      Challenges, Kenyan Sign Language, Learners With Hearing Impairments, Parents, Learning [1]
      Climate smart agriculture; sugar cane; soybean; intercropping; farming systems; knowledge [1]
      Code-mixing, Code-Switching, English language, Kiswahili language, Language alternation. [1]
      Cognitive models, EkeGusii, HIV and AIDS, interpretation, mental representation. [1]
      cold-mixes; emulsion asphalts; reclaimed asphalt; recycled materials; bitumen-emulsion; indirect tensile strength; tensile strength ratio [1]
      Commercial Banks, Geographical Diversification, Income Diversification, and Asset Diversification. [1]
      communication, Contemporary media technologies, Communication, internet [1]
      Communication, New Media, Old Media, Insecurity [1]
      Community Media, Community-based learning, Participatory Communication, SGDs, CM4K, CBPR [1]
      Community radio programming, audience participation, audience segmentation [3]
      Community Radio, Development, Food and Nutrition Security [1]
      Component; Social Media, Public Relations, Crisis Management. [1]