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      : Leadership, mainstreaming, employee performance [1]
      Age, education level, tourism education, choice. [1]
      Agile HR, Agile HR Policy, Agile Management Interactions, Agile Organizational Culture Management, Agile Sensitivity Training, Organizational Performance [1]
      Audit Committee, Audit Committee Technical competence, Financial performance. [1]
      Average Collection Period, Profitability, Manufacturing, Allied and Nairobi Stock Exchange [1]
      biosecurity, fish health, Tilapia, baseline analysis, water quality [1]
      Business Environmental Forces, Competitive Advantage, MICE Facilities, Porter’s Five Forces Model [1]
      Commercial Banks, Geographical Diversification, Income Diversification, and Asset Diversification. [1]
      Conflict management, Principal‘s conflict management styles, Kisumu County [1]
      corporate governance, organizational performance [1]
      Cultural tourism; dependency; tourism; income; community’s attitudes. [1]
      Culture; Cultural tourism development; length of residency; local residents’ attitudes [1]
      Destination Competitiveness, Destination Attractors, Support Resources, Tourism Circuit [1]
      Diversification, Financial Performance, Commercial Banks [2]
      Dynamic Capabilities, Strategic Firm Resources, Competitiveness, MICE destinations, Circuit [2]
      e-Procurement, Influence, Usage [1]
      employee assistance programs, employee breaks, work life balance practices [1]
      employee motivation, on employee performance, work life balance practices [1]
      Employee Performance in Homa-Bay County Teaching and Referral Hospital, Telehealth, Work-life Balance Practices [1]
      Finance, Women entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs). [1]