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      Teacher Perceptions, Learning Environments. [1]
      Teachers, Perceptions, Play-based, Pre-school, curriculum, implementation [1]
      Teachers’ Competence, Instructional Resources, Science Activities. [1]
      Teacher’s Attitude, Inclusion, Visual Impairment [2]
      Teaching and Learning Resources, Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, Agriculture Subject, Academic Performance, Secondary School Agriculture [1]
      teaching practice, assessment, supervisor, performance, mastery [1]
      Technology Adoption, Lean Manufacturing, Organizational Performance [1]
      Technology, Pre-service education, TPACK, Pedagogy [1]
      Teenage Pregnancies, Parental Socio-Cultural Status [1]
      Telemedicine, Telediagnostics, Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Images, Pattern Matching [1]
      Television viewing; Globalization; Children; Looming effect; Africanity; Narrative construction; Dialectics of life. [1]
      Terms- Adoption, Livelihood, Outcomes, Sahiwal [1]
      Terrorism news, Readers, Effect, Newspapers [2]
      Terrorism news, reporting, bias, language use [1]
      Tetradenia riparia; tragia brevipes; antiproliferative activity; phenolic compounds; selectivity index. [1]
      The Influence of Part-Time Lecturers' Payment Management on the Dons' Performance [1]
      Tobacco farming, weeds diversity, weeds management, soil nutrients, Nicotiana tabacum [1]
      Top Management Change, Turnaround Strategy, Performance, Manufacturing Firms [1]
      Traditional Birth Attendant, HIV/AIDS, Africa, Knowledge, attitudes and practices. [1]
      Translation, Dholuo, Lexemes, Adaptation [1]