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      Panicle, landraces, sorghum, pre, post – harvest [1]
      Panicle, landraces, sorghum, pre, post – harvest. [1]
      Papyrus wetland, wetland ecosystem services, drivers of change, community perception, Nyando wetland. [1]
      Papyrus, Harvesting, Replenishment, Winam, Swamps, and Wetlands. [1]
      parental involvement, teenage pregnancy prevention, parent-teen communication, [1]
      Patterns, Utilization, HIV preventive services [1]
      Patterns, Utilization, Uwezo Fund and Youth [1]
      Peace Education, election violence, systematic discrimination, co-existence, community [1]
      Perception, Organizations, Decisions, Leaders and Managers. [1]
      Performance, audience, HIV/AIDS, Benga oral poetry, [1]
      Phaseolus vulgaris, soil moisture, Sorghum bicolor [1]
      Physical properties, Compacting factor, Slump, Density, Water absorption, Volumes of permeable void spaces, Compressive strength, Tensile strength, Flexural strength, Concrete. [1]
      Phytophthora colocasiae, Accession, Incidence, Weather, Western Kenya [1]
      Phytophthora colocasiae; Colocasiae esculenta; Severity; Accession; Region [1]
      Plant extract; toxicological methods; anti-inflammatory activities, evaluating analgesic activity. [1]
      Policy makers, Administrators, Teachers, Learners, Learner achievement, Performance, professional development [1]
      Positive sanctions, children, social development, rewards [2]
      Post-paid, Pre-paid, bill, customer [1]
      Potato Nitrogen Phosphorus Water use efficiency [1]
      potato, irrigation water, nitrogen, phosphorus, seed, weight loss, sprouting [1]