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      Adoption, Cloud computing, Hospitals, Kenya, Technology-Organization-Environment [1]
      Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Media coverage, Propaganda and Terrorism [1]
      Anglo-America; Maroon 5; critical political-economy; cultural studies; cultural homogeneity; Kenya [1]
      Citizen journalism; Communications Bill; Critical political; Cultural studies; Economy of the media; Ideology; Internet blogging; University of Witwatersrand [1]
      Communication and Workplace Conflict Resolution [1]
      communication, Contemporary media technologies, Communication, internet [1]
      Communication, New Media, Old Media, Insecurity [1]
      Community Media, Community-based learning, Participatory Communication, SGDs, CM4K, CBPR [1]
      Community Radio, Development, Food and Nutrition Security [1]
      Component; Social Media, Public Relations, Crisis Management. [1]
      Covering Africa, Neo-liberal Journalism, African Reporting [1]
      Cyber-security, hospitality industry, multiple regression, model [1]
      Democracy, Diaspora Voice, Elections, Journalism, Kenya, Kenya Television Network, Peace and Peace journalism [1]
      Devolution, County Government, Organizational Communication, Kisii County, Communication Channels [2]
      Dialogue, community unit, health information, data, action day, community health volunteers, community health workers, community health extension workers, utility; health outcome. [1]
      E-health, Maternal health, Hospitals [1]
      Election, African Election [1]
      Evaluation Criteria; District Health Management Information System; District Health System. [1]
      Evaluation; District Health Management Information System; District Health System [1]
      Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Performance, Implication, Social Networking Site. [1]