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      : Aquaculture; Effects; Environmental variables; L. Victoria; Kenya [1]
      : Institutions of higher learning; University establishment; Land use/land cover changes [1]
      : Rongo university; Establishment; Land use; Land cover; Changes, Kenya [1]
      Adult plant resistance, genotypic stability, seedling resistance, Ug99 [1]
      Agronomic Traits Resistance, Region, Taro leaf blight. [1]
      Aluminium Toxicity, Segregating Populations, Sorghum Seedlings, Relative Net Root Growth [1]
      Aluminum sulfate, antibacterial activity, Moringa oleifera, water harvesting, water purification. [2]
      Anopheles gambiae; Larvae; Phytolacca dodecandra; Neem; Deltamethrin [1]
      Azadirachta indica, Lantana camara, Oxalis cornulata, Tagetes patula, Tephrosia vogelii, Nitrogen Dynamics, Weed Population [1]
      Cancer, medicinal plants, Asteraceae, adaptogens, abagusii, Kenya [1]
      cassava, cassava brown streak disease, root necrosis, yield loss [2]
      Cassava, CBSD, incidence, root necrosis, yield loss. [3]
      Cassava, CBSD, root necrosis, yield loss [1]
      Covid-19 pandemic, food security, vulnerable groups, post-harvest losses [1]
      Credit Management, Financial Management, Dairy Marketing Cooperative Societies [1]
      Cyanide, dry matter, Manihot esculenta, starch [1]
      diet, ecosystem changes, insectivorous, Nile perch, haplochromines, herbivorous [1]
      Dietary, aflatoxinB1 lysine albumin adducts, liver disease, Kitui, Makueni, lower eastern Kenya [1]
      Economic efficiency, land equivalent ratio (LER), green maize, beans, intercropping advantage, monetary advantage index (MAI), Tithonia diversifolia. [1]
      endemic, Kenya, Lake Victoria, length–weight relationship, reproduction, sex ratio. [1]