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      (n,m)-metrically equivalent, n-metrically equivalent, metrically equivalent, (n,m)-class(Q), normal and n-normal operators. © JS Publication. [1]
      (n,m)-power Class (Q); Normal; Binormal operators; N-power class (Q); (BQ) operators; (n,mBQ) operators [1]
      Anaemia, Preschool Children, Malaria, Nutritional Status [1]
      Annona muricata; Abelmoschus esculentus; antiproliferative; phytochemical [1]
      Annona muricata; Abelmoschus esculentus; antiproliferative; phytochemical. [1]
      Anopheles gambiae, Phytolacca dodecandra, Azadirachta indica, Deltamethrin, Ethanol [1]
      Anti-proliferation; cytotoxicity; phytochemical; Moringa oleifera; Indigofera arrecta. [1]
      Barriers, Delivery practices, Home delivery, Perceptions. [1]
      biocontrol, Fusarium oxysporium, local maize, local strains, striga weed [1]
      Bioindicators, bioassessment, metrics, water quality, habitat integrity. [1]
      cold-mixes; emulsion asphalts; reclaimed asphalt; recycled materials; bitumen-emulsion; indirect tensile strength; tensile strength ratio [1]
      Concrete, Physical Test, Compressive Strength, Durability Test, Bamboo Leaf Ash, Baggash Ash, One – Way ANOVA. [1]
      Consumers, Value-added rice products, Composites [1]
      Contaminants,Microbiological,Water. [1]
      Cooperation, empowerment, infrastructure, impact, priorities, sponsorship, sustainability, training, topics [1]
      COVID-19-2019,immunityprevention, Respiratory syndrome, SARS. [1]
      Cultivars, Diversity, Phenotype, Varieties, Sorghum [1]
      E-voting, Electronic voting, election e-verification, validate election, voter anonymity [1]
      Extensive reading, input,reading reports, second language, acquisition, spillover. [1]
      Food handlers, Bacteria, Bacterial diversity, Supervision, Gender, Bacterial load [1]