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      Cooperation, empowerment, infrastructure, impact, priorities, sponsorship, sustainability, training, topics [1]
      COVID-19-2019,immunityprevention, Respiratory syndrome, SARS. [1]
      Cultivars, Diversity, Phenotype, Varieties, Sorghum [1]
      E-voting, Electronic voting, election e-verification, validate election, voter anonymity [1]
      Extensive reading, input,reading reports, second language, acquisition, spillover. [1]
      Food handlers, Bacteria, Bacterial diversity, Supervision, Gender, Bacterial load [1]
      Foundation, Building Structure, Soil Moisture Content, Bearing Capacity, Construction Technology [1]
      Growth parameters, mortality, ecosystem changes, Nile perch [1]
      Health Systems Strengthening, Community Based – Health Management Information system, Use of CBHMIS, Technical capacity factors. [1]
      Heavy metals, concentrations, recommend safe limits, surface water and sediments [1]
      Human factors and ergonomics, e-learning, online learning [1]
      Indexed Terms- Skew-Normal, Skew-Binormal operators, (BQ) operators, Skew-(BQ) Operators [1]
      Infection Prevention Practices and Control, Nosocomial Infections, Health Care Workers, Standard Precautions, Adherence, Compliance [1]
      Influence, Employee Assistance Programs, Commitment, Nurses, Public Hospitals [1]
      Influence, Staff Leave Arrangements, Commitment, Nurses, Public Hospitals [1]
      Kenya, physico-chemical properties, swamp wetlands, temporal primary production, Uasin Gishu County [2]
      Malaria, Secondary School, Students, Achievement. [1]
      Medical products, vaccines, technologies, HIV/AIDS, Kenya [1]
      Microbial desalination cell Alkalinity production Copper-containing wastewater treatment High-salinity-water desalination [1]
      Micronutrient zinc, underutilized arsenal, combating, HIVIAIDS, SubSaharan Africa [1]