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      12-steps, process, rehabilitation, recovery of alcoholics [1]
      access to justice, economic determinants, financial dependence, spouse abuse, victims of spouse abuse [1]
      Adoption, cattle, food, Maasai, Sahiwal, security [2]
      Adoption, Livelihood, Outcomes, Sahiwal [1]
      Adult plant resistance, genotypic stability, seedling resistance, Ug99 [1]
      Agglutinative Language, Dholuo Nouns, Number Markers, Plural Morphemes [1]
      Alternative healthcare-seeking behaviour; descriptive exploratory design; ethno-medicine; health belief model; Kenya; persons living with diabetes; social outcomes [1]
      Anaemia, Preschool Children, Malaria, Nutritional Status [1]
      Arson, coded-language, rules and regulations, punishment, formulation [1]
      Barriers, Delivery practices, Home delivery, Perceptions. [1]
      Calypso, Style, Meaning, Vision, Literary Sketch [1]
      Cancer, Outpatients, Malnutrition, Subjective global assessment Kenya [1]
      Code-mixing, Code-Switching, English language, Kiswahili language, Language alternation. [1]
      Cognitive models, EkeGusii, HIV and AIDS, interpretation, mental representation. [1]
      Conceptualization, HIV and AIDS, interpretation, metaphor and music. [1]
      Context, face, face attack, politeness, impoliteness and power [1]
      Creative arts, creative artists, Covid-19, pandemic, corona songs, performing art. [1]
      Discourse, traditional medicine advertisement, rhetoric, persuasion [1]
      Elderly. Disability, Development, Impairment, Custodian. [1]
      Firm Competitiveness, Financial Performance, Commercial Banks in Kenya [1]