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      Access, Free Primary Education, Policy, Gender, Rongo Sub-county. [1]
      Advocates, dumb, dropout, class repetition, academic performance [1]
      Awareness, KWFT Services, Empowerment, Entrepreneurs. [1]
      Biology; Practical Examinations; Science Process Skills; Kenya [1]
      Challenges, Kenyan Sign Language, Learners With Hearing Impairments, Parents, Learning [1]
      Concept mapping, Teaching strategy and Attitude [1]
      Conflict Management Techniques, Job Satisfaction, Secondary Schools, Uriri, Nyatike. [1]
      Contribution, Teacher Attitude, Management, Student Safety, Emergency Incidents, Public Secondary Schools, Kisumu County [1]
      Course Books, Selection Criteria, Kiswahili Instruction [1]
      Data ; Data Interpretation ; Data use ; Data support ; performativity [1]
      Digital Literacy Programme, Computer skills, digital devices, laptop computer, teachers, schools [1]
      Directed play, holistic development, pre-schoolers, ECD teachers [1]
      Education, Change, Future,Visioning [1]
      elements of management, influence, principals’ effective [1]
      Emotional intelligent, suicidal behavior, secondary school, students. [1]
      Environmental Factors, Academic Performance, Facilities, Learning, Administration. [1]
      Factors, Education, Home to School Communication, Pupils Academic Achievement, Kisumu West. [1]
      Financial Management, Academic Achievement, Public Primary, Primary Education, Quality Education. [1]
      Foreign language, language of instruction, alternative approaches, language policy, language competency, mother-tongue, performance [1]
      Frequent Assessment, Achievement and Attitude, Mathematics. [1]